Vanillarite Weekly Voter Lotto

The Vanillarite Weekly Voter Lotto wheels are on this page. Vote at least 10 times every week to enter. We have 5 vote sites you can vote for every day to enter into the lotto. The more you vote the bigger your slice of the pie! This lotto has been set up to thank players who take the time to vote for our Minecraft SMP server. The first wheel has the possible prizes that can be given away, from shulker boxes and wither skeleton skulls to access to 64 day rank perks for 5 days!

Voting daily is better then donating

Sure donating to the server pays the bills, but attracting new players is more important then donating. Since advertising its VERY expensive for very little return its vital that we use things like the voting sites and the weekly Reddit post to reach out to new players. So please take 2 minutes to find my latest post on the r/mcservers subreddit and post an honest review of our server. The server will never stop being around from lack of funds, the cost per month is not that high, but players take breaks and leave all the time. So without new players the server will grow quieter and quieter over time. And lets face it we play on the server because we want other people around playing along side us.

The wheels

Below is the last updated version of the players and their share of the pie. I update this page every Sunday afternoon/evening when I am reminded of doing so, and the lotto itself will take place in the evening CET, whenever there’s a couple people in VC to be witness of the draw. So I will first spin the wheel 3 times to determine the prizes we are giving away, and right after I will spin the second wheel 3 times to determine who won the prizes. Afterwards the results are posted in #announcements on Discord.

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