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Be 16+

You have to be older then 16 to play on this server.

Respect everyone

We are all here to play Minecraft and have fun. These rules are created as a guideline not an example of how to get as close to being an asshole as possible. Don’t be mean or intentionally troll other players. All players, regardless of rank, deserve to be heard and respected. Therefore don’t spam, excessively curse, or advertise anything outside of our server. Also Racism, sexism, homophobia, or hate towards any group or person is not allowed.

Listen to staff

If you have any questions or issues, staff can be found on our Discord. Our staff team works together on decisions and always makes sure there are 3 separate offenses. Playing on our server means you agree to follow these rules and accept punishment if broken. We do not share “proof” of things like x-ray, we will not educate the cheaters on how not to be caught. If you don’t trust our judgement, you’re free to find another server to play on.

Respect people’s boundaries

People are allowed to decide whether or not they want to play with you. I know its frustrating when you want to play with someone and they don’t want to play with you. It hurts when you are rejected, I understand that. But that doesn’t mean you should make them feel guilty to play with you anyway. If someone copy pasted this to you, know that they don’t hate you, they just want you to realize that they are setting boundaries and the only respectable way to react is to respect those boundaries.

No hacking or cheating

You are responsible for what happens on your account. X-ray, flying, using glitches (including but not limited to any form of duping), exploits, macros and any kind of hacking is not allowed. If it looks like you are cheating its treated like you are cheating! (For example using the math thing to dig straight down to diamonds looks like xray so is not allowed!) Having more than 2 accounts is not allowed. Any form of auto clicking is not allowed. If you cheat in any way in the minigames you will lose access to the minigames forever and get a marking showing everyone that you cheated, so they know to be careful when dealing with you.

No anti-afk

You are kicked from the server after being AFK for 1 hour. If the server is full, you are kicked after 10 minutes. Using macros or anything else to get around the anti-AFK is not allowed.

Claim your builds

Use claim blocks to protect your builds and items. Players can take from unclaimed chests. A player can claim 1 of each type of natural structure to do with as they please. Except for Pillager Outposts, these are preserved so people can get bad omen there. If a player has not logged into the game for 1 month you can request their claim to be removed. Claims from Galaxy and above will not be unclaimed.

No griefing

Griefing is breaking or placing blocks in a way to ruin the server environment. This includes but is not limited to, placing or breaking random blocks in the wilderness or other players builds, placing water or lava, intentionally using exploits to harass players. Breaking transportation (pathways, railways, etc) is not allowed.

Keep spawn presentable

Please keep the view around spawn presentable. Spawn is the first thing new players see so keep that in mind when you build close enough that it’s visible from spawn.

Don’t murder

Killing players without consent is not allowed. Preventing players from getting back their items from their death chest is not allowed.

Don’t break the server

Create redstone builds to be efficient. Animal farms are allowed, but if they cause lag you will be asked to downsize. Spread out automated farms. If you are unsure if something is going to harm the server, ask staff. Failure to comply with staff directions continuously is bannable.

Do not abuse the rules to joke around

Do not pretend your friend did something to get them punished
The rules are here to keep this server fun for everyone to play on together. We all come here for the community. Keep the community in mind when you play on our server and you will see a lot is possible here. Remember that we are all here to have fun, even the staff. The admins have alt accounts to play normally, if you know who we are please respect that we use those accounts to step away from being admins and just relax. You can always contact us on Discord and we will get back to you asap.

How to join our server

Step 1: Open the launcher
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Open the Minecraft java edition launcher and make sure you have the latest release selected. (After a new Minecraft version is released we will update asap, but it is possible that you will need to select an older version. You can always ask on discord to be sure) And click PLAY.

Step 2: Click multiplayer, Add server. Put in our IP: .

Screenshot of the minecraft launcher with the server IP filled in.

Click Multiplayer, and then Add Server. For Server Name you can fill out what you want, and for Server Address you will need to put in and click Done. Select the server and click Join Server.

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