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THIS PAGE IS ONLY RELEVANT IF YOU WANT TO PLAY MODDED. If you want to play survival nothing on this page is required/needed.

Installing technic launcher for modded

(Quick guide in sidebar)

Download the launcher

(Some of these steps take a while, while you're waiting for things to load/install you could scroll down to "Choosing an Origin" and start reading through.)

Go to the technic website and scroll down to the green buttons to download the right launcher for your system.

Run the program and click "install".

It opens 2 windows, one is the Technic Launcher Console (keep this open for now, this makes trouble shooting easier), and the other is the Technic Launcher itself, go to the launcher and log in with your Microsoft account, accept the terms if you agree and give access through your firewall if you trust this program. Without it, it can't run.

In the Technic Launcher click on "MODPACKS".

Then click on the searchbar and type "Vanillarite".

Click on Install.

Wait for the download/install to be done, it takes a while.

When the installation is done, the Play button appears, don't click it yet, first we have to give the launcher more ram. Click on "Launcher options".

And then on "JAVA SETTINGS"

Select at least 4 GB, but if your computer can handle it 6GB is reccomended, leave at least 2GB overhead. Over 8GB is not needed. (On the General settings tab you can turn off "show console", don't do this until you're sure you won't need to ask for help. When you do need help, turn this back on and restart before doing so.) Close the options window with the X.

Now you can go ahead and click "Play", and wait for Minecraft to launch. This is modded so its going to be a while, perfect time to start reading up on "Choosing an Origin" below.

Click multiplayer and then add server, add as the IP and "Best server ever" as the name and click to join.

As soon as you are finally in, you will need to click "Yes" and "Proceed" to restart the launcher. This will only need to be done once per install.

I suggest leaving the console open in the background for your first time playing. If that goes fine its save to turn it off in the settings. Just remember to turn it back on whenever you have issues, and you need help.

Choosing an Origin

When you are fully done and logged in you will be greeted by a screen where you can choose your Origin. Take your time to read through and choose which Origin fits your playstyle best.

Origins to choose from:


A regular human. Your ordinary Minecraft experience awaits.


These natural inhabitants of the ocean are not used to being out of the water for too long.


Their climbing abilities and the ability to trap their foes in spiderweb make the Arachnid perfect hunters.


Late descendants of the Blaze, the Blazeborn are naturally immune to the perils of the Nether.


The Avian race has lost their ability to fly a long time ago. Now these peaceful creatures can be seen gliding from one place to another.


As half-human and half-phantom beings, these creatures can switch between a Phantom and a normal form.


With their cat-like appearance, the Feline scare creepers away. With the dexterity of cats, they always land safely on their feet.


Often flying around in the winds, Elytrians are uncomfortable when they don't have enough space above their head.


Born as children of the Ender Dragon, Enderians are capable of teleporting but are vulnerable to water.


Related to Shulkers, the bodies of the Shulk are outfitted with a protective shell-like skin.


A species of plant people that obtain their nutrients from the sun and gain strength from water.


Truffles, along with having normal properties of fungi, have the unique ability to adapt to situations on the fly.


A subspecies of humans that are incredibly small. They utilize their size to hide from enemies and navigate small spaces.


Natives of the Nether, Piglins are very fond of gold and are experts at utilizing it.


Sometimes, when Ghasts are born from the firesof the Nether, they are changed. Some decide to leave the Nether and enter the feared Overworld.


Show them your power.


All but one of the Great Dragons left the End. Where they went is unknown. What we do know is you were born of them.


Carnivorous bird people, Icarae fly low to the ground, weaving between and through obstacles to hunt their prey.

And you can choose a class:


Nitwits aren't really good at anything.


Farmers have been known to provide everyone with food for as long as anyone can remember.


Making the most of animals, Ranchers are able to gather many useful resources.


Miners are the most proficient at digging up the earth's treasures.


Trees should watch out when Lumberjacks are around.


There is no one better to prepare your food than a Cook.


Valued friends of anyone, Blacksmiths are able to create better tools, weapons and armor.


They have learned how to channel the magic present in the world and use that to their advantage.


Always looking for an additional emerald, Merchants are proficient traders.


Explorers find their way through the most difficult terrain easily and discover hidden landmarks.


These honorable fighters favor the sword and shield to take down their foes.


One shot, one kill.


Usually known to be thieves and robbers, rogues are proficient in ambushes and stealth attacks.


Beastmasters are solitary people who prefer the company of animals.

Modded install Quick Guide

- Download launcher link, click here.
- Log in.
- Go to "Launcher options" and "JAVA SETTINGS" and select at least 4GB, but preferably 6-8GB.
- Click on MODPACKS and search for Vanillarite.
- Install.
- Use to join our server.
- On first login, click yes, and proceed to restart.