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Everything you can do in chat on Vanillarite

Theres so many ways you can make your chat more fun now that its not doable to have it all in 1 faq chapter. We add new things all the time, if you know of something that isn't on this page, please let me (Aitnys) know so I can add it <3. Also if you have ideas of things we can add to chat, emotes or anything else just make a suggestion on Discord. All of these things were added because people asked.


At rank Lunar you get access to the standard Minecraft formatting, as seen in the image below. To use these do & and then the number/letter of the formatting you want to use. If you want your text to be red and bold you use &c&l before what you want to type. Always use the color before the formatting, if you use another color later, you will need to use &l to make it bold again.

At Quasar you also get access to use hex colors, so you can use any color you want. Pick the color you want in this box , then click the ˄˅ at the bottom right until hex is selected. Then copy the hex code and put it in front of your message.

There are also a bunch of preset color gradients you can use. Some of them you get by rank, some you can get with diamonds and others you can ask the owner to give you access. Do /faq colortext to see the options. You can also purchase your own personal gradient command, this costs 2 stacks of dia blocks.

Fun commands

  • /8ball : Ask the great Vanillarite oracle for guidance.
  • /dice : Roll a dice, add a number to set the dice, /dice 6 throws a 6 sided dice, /dice 42069 throws an epicly sided dice.
  • /countdown : Racing your friend to the top of the mountain? Use /countdown to start a countdown.
  • /brag : At Comet you get access to bragging, this will show the item you are holding in your hand in chat. You can hover over the item to see its specifics.
  • /hat : At Nebula you get access to wearing items on your head. Also there is a very secret hat shop somewhere in the Spawn claim with cool hats.
  • /me : At Nebula you get access to /me, /me laughs will show in chat like: * Aitnys laughs * .


‹3 or :heart: - heart symbol

:smile: - smiley face

:frown: - frowning face

:/ - face with diagonal mouth

:star: - star symbol

:tf: - table flip
〈╯°□°〉╯︵ ┻━┻

:fp: - finger points indicating shyness

:uf: - unflip the table
┬─┬ ノ〈 ゜-゜ノ〉

:shrug: - shrugging

:fu: - fuck you, throwing the other person across the room
〈╯°Д°〉╯︵ ∕〈.□ .∖∖〉

:bd: - blowing out birthday cake candles
〈 o˘◡˘o〉 ┌iii┐

:yay: or :gay: - dancing, happy, celebrating
٩〈 ^ᴗ^ 〉۶

:ban: - ban hammer being slammed down
█▬▬ ◟〈`ﮧ´ ◟ 〉

:ce: - crazy eyes

:love: - heart eyes

:fa: - fuck all - throwing all the tables
┻━┻ ︵ヽ〈`Д´〉ノ︵ ┻━┻

;3 - shy uwu face
〈 ´・ω・〉

:fumed: - fuck you med, med is the admin thats never online and is to blame for everything that goes wrong
〈╯°□°〉╯︵ pǝɯ

:ufmed: - unfuck med, for when he was blamed wrongly, which never happens ofc
medノ〈 ゜-゜ノ〉

:fufb: - fuck you facebook
〈╯°□°〉╯︵ ʞooqǝɔɐɟ

:kith: - kiss on the cheek
〈っ˘з〈˘⌣˘ 〉

:oa: - kisses all around - love to all around
♡〜٩〈 ˃́▿˂̀ 〉۶〜♡

:su: - fight me

:ta: - blow a kiss

:evil: - angry demon or devil
↶〈 *`ω´ 〉Ψ

:blush: - blushing

:bird: - flipping off middle finger
〈 ͡⚆ ͜ʖ ͡⚆〉╭∩╮

:fc: - fight club - fight me

:flwr: or :flower: - flower symbol

:bear: - bear

:purr: - purring - happy - pretty

:hug: - gimme a hug

:tm: - trade mark symbol

:clown: - clown
⫷ °⧭° ⫸

:rose: - colored rose

:lenny: - some weirdo called lenny
〈 ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°〉

:check: - checkmark symbol

:arg: - angry - frustrated

:aw: - consoling
(o °-°)ノ”(ノ﹏<。)

:shy: - shy

:wooo: - celebrating

:sad: - sad

:magic: - doing magic

:lala: - lalala I can't hear you!
ϵ( ‘Θ’ )϶


Heart pride flags

:rainbow: or :ra: - full rainbow

:pride: - pride flag

:bi: - bisexual flag

:pan: - pansexual flag

:trans: - trans flag

:les: - lesbian flag

:nb: - non binary flag

:ag: - agender flag

:gq: - gender queer flag

:is: - intersex flag

:poly: - polyamorous flag

You can request any flag to be added on our Discord (click here for a link to the channel).

How to join our server

Step 1: Open the launcher
click here for further explanation

Open the Minecraft java edition launcher and make sure you have the latest release selected. (After a new Minecraft version is released we will update asap, but it is possible that you will need to select an older version. You can always ask on discord to be sure) And click PLAY.

Step 2: Click multiplayer, Add server. Put in our IP: .

Screenshot of the minecraft launcher with the server IP filled in.

Click Multiplayer, and then Add Server. For Server Name you can fill out what you want, and for Server Address you will need to put in and click Done. Select the server and click Join Server.

click here for more details